Happy New Year!

For some of us, the year starts in January, for others April is a big month (taxes anyone…), for most of the younger ones September feels more like the beginning of the year. I am talking of all the students of course. This year is special as in most of our families someone is starting a new school.

Aliece will be missing her big brother as Evan is starting Kindergarten! We hope he will find a lot of new friends there. Whereas Reshan is probably very proud now he can join Devon. Reshan will be starting Kindergarten as well, as Devon explores all the new things that 4th grade will bring him.

Sarah is looking forward to her last year at Elementary school; she is going into 6th grade, while Amelia will be learning a lot of new things in third grade! Kathleen is off to Middle school where she is going to find out what 6th grade will bring for her. Walter will be happy to go back to his routine and his excellent teachers.

Theo must find out how it is to be the only Beemsterboer in Elementary school in 5th grade as Daphne starts 7th grade in Middle school. They both are looking forward to the new adventures this will bring. Connor Devich is finishing off Middle school, while Kendall will explore how it is to be in High school. Allison is following Lily and going on the bus to high school, where Lily is looking forward to finishing her last year.

Sara Parker is going a step further as she will start college this year. She is going be a math major at Limestone College in South Carolina. She will also play on the Field Hockey team and the Lacrosse team.

Last but not least, Ben will start his last year in college.

I wish all these students lots of success with all their classes, knowing that some of them will even challenge themselves by taking advanced classes. I am not so familiar with all the terms, some call them advanced class, others call them honor classes, but I know they will all work hard to excel.

Let’s not forget our adults who work with students, as we have quite a number amongst us who call teaching their job! I wish them a good year with good students and staff as well.

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