Handbells Take a Break

The Hand Bell choir played twice during the month of December. We opened the month with an Advent song with the addition of John Coakley on the clarinet. That was a really nice combination.

The month was closed by playing the postlude with the Janet on the piano. We have a nice group of people who are willing to play and or willing to learn how to play, and that shows when we perform. Every time the group consists of different players. We have enough room to play now we have three brand new tables on the balcony. Thanks to Guy Suabedissen, who made the tables! We gave him a nice “thank-you” present, which his wife, Lily, put under the Christmas tree.

Since the sanctuary will not be in use during January and February, we will take a break in January. Our next rehearsal will be on Feb 6th at 9:50a.m., so that we can start preparing for the season of Lent.

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