Hall Fund News

By Susanne Clark

For Hall Education Fund members, this is the most interesting month of the year. May is the month when we interview the students who are applying for scholarships. As many of you know, these students are usually from families whose financial resources are limited.

Although their resources may be, their aspirations are not. To quote from a few of this year’s applications —

Right now I am struggling about the money I need for college and I don’t know from where I am going to get it. But this won’t stop me. In this fall, I am going to start college…

and —

Were I to be given the chance to attend college and receive financial aid from the Hall Education Fund, I feel I could develop into an individual who could one day give back to my community.

They are determined young people who are anxious to improve themselves and, ultimately, their communities.

While we have had success this year with applying for and receiving corporate donations and running fund-raisers, unfortunately in this economic climate individual donations to the Hall Education Fund have
diminished. Thus, we are in danger of having to decrease the total amount of scholarship aid we are giving.

It is our hope that being reminded of our mission will spur those who read this newsletter to make a contribution, however small, to assist us in helping these deserving young people fulfill their goal of
attaining post secondary education.

Contributions may be sent to:
Hall Education Fund, 9 Bayard Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Thank you.

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