Hall Education Fund News

On May 4th, the Hall Education Fund held its annual meeting. At the meeting we interviewed 8 students and awarded four scholarships totaling $10,000. This year it was necessary for us to limit the awards in both number and amount because of lack of funds. Individual donations were down significantly from the previous two years.

Officers for the coming year were also elected. Chris Rasmussen will again serve as president, Fernanda Perrone, a new member from Christ Episcopal Church agreed to serve as vice president and Kathy Fekete from First Reformed Church also agreed to assume the treasurer’s position. Susanne Clark and David Waanders will continue to serve as secretary and assistant treasurer respectively.

It was with sadness that we bid farewell to Szabi Nagy, minister of the Presbyterian Church. He is retiring from the church and so will also relinquish his duties as a Hall Fund Board member. He has been a stalwart supporter of the Hall Fund and served for many years with great dedication. We wish him well as he begins his retirement.

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