Grounds for Sculpture – Free Spirits

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect the day we went to the 35-acre public sculpture park, Grounds for Sculpture, in Hamilton, NJ, founded in 1992 by J. Seward Johnson. The only problem, really, was trying to find one another since the place is so large. We enjoyed thoroughly the lunch at Rat’s Restaurant. In fact, its interior design reflected rooms of an Afghani house. Our group ate out on the enclosed porch, enjoying the sunshine falling through lavish draperies and beads. The fare was delicious. Some of us felt that the restaurant was worth the trip, while others of us meandered through the garden, meeting up with strange objects. Definitely the landscape was various sculptures too.

If you would seek to have a place to visit, this is most certainly a highlight in central New Jersey. We all agreed that we would come back, especially since we were only able to see half of the sculptures. There are over 250 pieces throughout.

Our next gathering will be on June 17th in the Randolph Room. Please bring your lunch and humor!!

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