Gentlemen of the Evening

Gal 13:13– And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Gentlemen of the Evening — It sounds like it could be the title of either a book or a play, right? However, it is not. Rather, this is how I refer to the men who use our Men’s Shelter. You may be thinking how silly that phrase is — to use such a description for those who live on the streets. Actually I first used it in jest when talking about the men. Yet, through my encounters with some of them, I have come to realize that they are gentlemen. They always smile when coming in off the streets; they greet us, and even wish us to have a good evening. Their morning responses are usually a “thank you for providing the breakfast.” And their last statement as they go out the door into the cold:”Thanks. You have a good day.” We get to go to our warm homes and beds, while they go out on the streets for the day.

Our turn of hosting the shelter has ended for this year. This winter has had some nasty cold and snowy weather. What a great opportunity for us to show our love of God by following the example of Jesus, who taught us to love our brothers and sisters, to care for our neighbors.

To all those who volunteered for a night to watch over our Gentlemen of the Evening: Thank You very much! Especially, we thank Jim Hance, our Shelter Boss; without him we would not be able to provide this much needed service. He does the leg work, gets the food, sets up the volunteers and, most importantly, brings his train movies.

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