Fund-Raising, Invitation & Outreach Join Forces

submitted by Patty Tsai

The Fund-raising Committee and the Invitation & Outreach Committee have joined forces! We have been hard at work these past few months brainstorming fund raising events and ways to raise funds for the Preservation Project. We will be planning a lecture series for Fall 2009, which will explore spirituality today. We hope that this will be reflective of the times we are in and address people’s need to understand spirituality.

You may wonder how you can help raise money for the Preservation Project. Well, the answer is you can participate or help promote Dining for Donation at Applebee’s Restaurant on Ryders Lane in Milltown. Applebee’s will partner with us to help us raise money by donating a portion of the bill from every diner we bring in. So the more people we can bring in, the more we will raise. Please save the dates for Dining for Donation at Applebee’s on Sunday, August 3rd and Sunday, October 24th from 11:00 a.m. to closing. We will soon be distributing the flyers, which are to be handed to the wait-staff at the restaurant that day.

Recently, First Reformed Church received two grant awards from private foundations for the Preservation Project. We received $15,000 from the J. Seward Johnson, Sr. 1963 Charitable Trust and $2,500 from the Freylinghuysen Foundation. This, indeed, is wonderful news and sends a positive message to the community and potential funders.

On behalf of the Fund Raising Committee and Invitation & Outreach Committee, thank you for supporting us by your thoughts and prayers. We ask you to continue to keep us in your prayers.

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