Fund-raising Core Committee Update

In June, the Core Committee of the Community Campaign met to discuss a brochure and discuss strategy. A new member of the Core Committee, and one with a ton of experience and knowhow is Ezra Helfand (Public Information Specialist, NCADD of Middlesex County, Inc.). Ezra helped the committee organize better and has unofficially “taken over” the chair duties; much to the gratitude/relief of the present chair, Sherri Novack. The chair remarked, “I am not a dummy, and know when to let the professionals with greater experience steer the ship.”

Another new member of the Core Committee is Janet Waanders, who chairs the “Mother Committee” but who has also agreed to be involved with the Core Committee. Other members of the committee are, former member Sean Kath, Gary Bernhofer, Liz Hance, Greg Ritter (owner of George Street Camera) and Pastor Hartmut.

One very well received email that Ezra sent to the committee challenged them to start thinking about the following:

    An “official” plan of attack, that includes
    1. Time table
    a. When to make phone calls
    i. Businesses during week and daytime. Personal calls in evenings
    ii. Any issues with summer fund-raising due to vacations, etc.?
    b. Over what period of time
    2. Finalization of lists
    a. By category
    b. By target(s)
    c. By caller(s)
    3. Proposed script
    4. Identification of individuals available to make calls
    5. Agreed-upon follow-up procedure(s)

Thanks to Brittany Aran and Core Committee members, the first list, NJ Fortune 500 top companies, has been researched with 10 companies (of the 42) showing some willingness to support funding projects like the preservation project. More follow up is needed.

The Core Committee is still looking for volunteers to compile list of possible supporters. These lists will include local banks, lawyers, accountants etc. If you think you can help, please contact Sherri Novack at

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