Fund-raising Campaign for Historic Preservation

This financial update represents end-of-January figures. The total raised is $283,499. Of that amount, $49,830 is the total of outstanding pledges. The committee would like to encourage those with outstanding pledges to pay what you can when you can, and to encourage those who have not pledged to get on board. As we prepare to turn to individuals in the larger community, we think it would be great to be able to say that every member of the church has made a pledge.

Two of the gifts of ideas from our special coffee hour in January included finding outside volunteer help and making contact with Rutgers. Those ideas came together with the offer of volunteers from Rutgers to help in our “winter housecleaning” efforts. Snow forced them to cancel, but we hope to have them come later. A group of Rutgers student historians has begun to meet at our church.

These contacts will lead to positive relationships and perhaps to networking that helps in the fund-raising effort.

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