From the Classrooms

The children had a very Valentine month in February. We explored why God’s Love for us is special and what it means to Love one another. With this theme, we did a wonderful craft which built our spirit of teamwork and cooperation. All joined together to fill reusable plastic tubs with the dry ingredients, which would make Granola Cookies and Apple Pancakes. We had a team of 2 for each ingredient — a Big Lamb and a Little Lamb, where possible. The children practiced measuring and counting, and looked just adorable in their aprons and gloves. The tubs were decorated for Valentine’s Day with hearts and ribbons. The finished products were sold at the Chili Cook-off and on Valentine’s Day Sunday, to help the CE committee meet their fund-raising goal for the year. I haven’t tried mine yet, but word is that the pancakes were especially delicious! They certainly were Made With Love by our children.

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