Free Spirits Get Updated!

by Ethel Salamone

At the last meeting of the Free Spirits, our regular program was replaced by a discussion concerning where our congregation stood in regards to the recently received grant. We all looked forward to seeing the work begin with the warm weather, but this, however, we soon learned from Pastor Hartmut was not the case. Much bureaucratic red tape will be involved and it looks like 2010 will be the starting date.

Meanwhile, we still have unfinished work at our Bayard Street curb. Again Pastor Hartmut informed us that the company had finished with the replacement of uncontaminated soil and has started an investigation of the ground water. They have the technology to determine whether the contamination is really from us.

The grant situation for this work, which is actually a second grant, is still up in the air, and, as a result, the final sidewalk restoration will be several months away. We were also concerned about what WE members of the congregation could do to help in lowering the amount of funds needed to match the big state grant. This was discussed at great length. Albeit we are the ‘older’ generation of members, still we have a sense of urgency and interest. We love our church!

So we decided to keep discussing this at our next meeting and will pass along our thoughts on it to you all.

Our next gathering will be on Apr 22nd, at noon.

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