Dodge the Acorn…and more stories from the Retreat

On the warmest last weekend of September, at least as far as I can remember, a group of Women went to Gold Key Lake to have our annual retreat. The lake was gorgeous and so were the trees; The fellowship and lessons learned where very valuable as well.

On Friday ,Ellen, Janet and Erie drove up during the day to set up and prepare for the others to arrive that day and on Saturday. We had the house ready and an outdoor fire going when Susan and Joan arrived. We enjoyed stories and s’mores around the fire. Since it was a little later than originally planned, we decided to have all discussions the next day.

On Saturday while breakfast was being prepared, Norma, Margaret and Liz arrived. After a delicious breakfast, we tied a quilt to be used as a prayer blanket. The theme for this weekend was Fire, so for our discussions we talked about fiery women of the Bible. And we learned a lot! Most of us had heard about the Syrophoenician women, but Rahab and Rizpah were far more unfamiliar to us. While we enjoyed the outdoor air on the deck, we learned about these ladies and what they did to stand up for their families and beliefs. All the while, we were trying not to get hit by acorns since the wind was blowing them off the trees in quite a great number.

After a big spread of various salads for lunch, we tied another blanket. Since this is a fairly easy thing, we also talked about plans for the upcoming year. If you want to know more and be part of our discussions, you are welcome to come to next meeting on Oct 17th! We once more went outside to have our discussion about Rizpah and dodged a few more acorns. Because of the wind, we decided to only enjoy the lake by looking at it,and not taking a dive in or a boat ride. Another fire was made and the last of the s’mores were made, and sitting around the fire we sang songs, including a few canons. Then it was time to clean up and prepare for the drive back to New Jersey.

I hope that all the participants enjoyed the retreat as much as I did. Thank you, Janet, for so graciously offering your home to us! Without this, it would not possible to have such a wonderful retreat every other year!

I am looking forward to see all the women again at our next meeting! Once again, mark your agendas for Oct 17th after worship.

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