Did You Know??

We often take so many things for granted. It is only when we really start thinking about something that we realize how much effort and time some things take. Let’s look at two things, first of all our monthly newsletter, and secondly our website.

Ok, we appreciate the newsletter every month. It tells us what is going on at church, what we are doing, how things went. But who writes all these articles? Who edits them so that they all fit nicely on a page? Who makes it look good, so it is not just a few pages with all text, but really a newsletter? By looking closely, we can see that our Pastors write many articles! They both put a lot of effort in this. And then there is our Editor, Walter Johnson. He is the man who puts it all together and makes from all our words a true newsletter! It is time we give him a big thank you!

And what about our website?  Did you know you can find previous sermons on the website? Just go to http://www.blog.firstreformedchurch.net/ and you will find a line that reads:  From the Pulpit of FRC

Click on it and you will see a list with sermon titles. Or you want to know more about the Preservation Plan? There is a link to that as well.

And it is not just us – our congregation – which takes a look at our website. There are many ways to keep track of who visits a website and from where they come. Did you know that people in India have looked at our website? Or people from Qatar, Brazil and New Zealand? All in all, our website has had more than 3,000 visits from 42 countries! Quite interesting to know, but how does all this information get there? Who makes it all available for everyone to read and enjoy? Who pays to keep our spot in this virtual world available? That is Cindy Carter Betancourt. She puts so much time and effort in this! We really owe her and her husband, Claude, a big thank you for all of this.

So let us celebrate all these nice people with a special coffee hour on Jan 20th. Please come out in person to tell them that we REALLY appreciate all their effort, time, patience that they give us every week and month again! Without Walter, Cindy, Claude and the pastors, our newsletter would not look as good and our website would not be there!

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