Dancing on a bitter cold afternoon

Do you remember how cold it was on Dec 7th? Ask one of the Dutch dancers and they can tell you. It was really, really cold! It was the day that Sinterklaas, the Dutch Santa, took some time to visit the Van Wickle house in Somerset.

The Dutch dancers kept up their part of the tradition by dancing for him. First, we danced outside for the public, before Sinterklaas arrived. However, as it was so cold we quickly invited everybody to join us, so we all could keep warm. After the arrival of Sinter klaas (without his horse) we danced one more dance for Sinterklaas. The horse was absent this year, the poor animal was sick with fever. Luckily for us it did not keep Sinterklaas from coming. The back of a truck was a good second choice for Sinterklaas. He is, of course, too old to walk all the way.

Later on when we where inside and warmed up, we all visited with Sinterklaas. And a part of the group showed some more dances for Sinterklaas. He told us that he enjoyed it very much.

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