Dancers Are Getting Their Feet Warm Again

The Meadows Foundation started a new tradition last year. At the Van Wickle House, they celebrated Queen’s Day. This is a really Dutch tradition. But wait, is the Queen’s birthday not in January? Yes it is, but to understand this you need to know more about the celebration in the Netherlands. A short explanation: every town, village and city in the Netherlands turns orange on April 30th. That is the birthday of former Queen Juliana, the mother of Queen Beatrix.

Schools are closed, so are all city halls and most factories and shops are closed as well. Games and events are organized for everybody. In one town or village, special events are organized for school children, while in the next town a big parade might take place, while other places have big flea markets. Bands and groups perform at these events. Soccer clubs organize ‘street’ or neighborhood tournaments, a chess club might hold a simultaneous game at a bazaar. Do you get the picture? Then you probably can understand that Queen Beatrix decided to keep Queen’s Day on April 30th, rather than have everybody try to celebrate this in the middle of winter on her birthday at the end of January.

But what has all of this to do with us? The Meadows Foundation has a Dutch dancing group, The Van Wickle Dutch Dancers. Most of it dancers are members of our church. That is one of the reasons that most practices take place at church as well. We get together after coffee hour and dance for an hour or so to go over the dances we all know more or less. With Queen’s Day coming, we need to start practicing soon again.

So don’t be surprised if you see us getting together, but stay and take part if you want! You might be surprised how much exercise it is to do these klompen dances! We are open to all ages and abilities. I will make sure that everybody gets involved at his or her own level and that the whole will look good for the audience!

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