Consistory Corner

After the summer months of July and August and the skipped meeting of September (no quorum), Consistory met on Oct 19 . It was a full th agenda, which was well prepared by Pastor Hartmut.

We started with the background information and the decision for the replacement of the windows in the (Education building) tower. Currently the windows are quite loose and paint is coming off daily. It has become a safety issue that has to be addressed soon. We will replace the four windows that are visible from the street and will board up the four windows facing the roof.

The men’s shelter will be housed in the Fellowship Hall since upstairs is no longer available for them.

David Waanders and Margaret Coakley were assigned as our representatives in the Classis.

We add our support to the proposal of Hope Church (Holland MI) for a procedural change in selecting the next General Secretary of the RCA by the Search Committee.

Next, we spent time on the Revitalization Templates of the committees.

Afterwards, we went into our regular reports by the standing committees. The reports were read and highlighted where necessary. The Finance Committee brought forward three recommendations:

a. $15,000 to be withdrawn from the endowment fund to cover anticipated operational
b. To pay the MPG invoice for October (about $100,000) as follows:
$40,000 from the Construction loan (line of credit), $13,000 withdrawal from endowment,
$47,000 either from the expected reimbursement from the NJHT or (if the money is not
received in time) an additional withdrawal from the endowment.
c. To accept the treasurer’s report and the balance sheet.

All recommendations passed.

The chart about the fund-raising was included. To our surprise on Wednesday, we received a grant of $15,000 that pushed us above the $300,000 in donations mark. We had been hovering there for last fewmonths. (Editor’s note: Praise God!)

After all this, we turned to Pastor Susan and allowed her to explain a bit more about the progress of the Town Clock Community Development Corporation, which is the name of our 501(c)3.

We received three proposals from three architectural firms regarding their expertise in re-design and working with various state agencies. (See Susan’s report in the newsletter.)

(Clerk’s note: Hopefully, you were able to attend the congregational meeting (Oct 31st), where further details will be provided.)

As building usage manager, Susan received a request for using the space to teach Latin dancing. Consistory allowed her to continue the negotiations. (Clerk’s comments: Shall we see some dancing now at our next Chili cook off?)

And miraculously, we were able to go through the 4 mm thick Consistory package in 2.5 hours, thus we were about to disband shortly after ten. (Editor’s comment: This simply shows how active a congregation we are! Amen.)

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