Congregational Budget Meeting

On Dec 12th, the Consistory presented the annual budget for 2011, as adopted by the Consistory on Nov 16th. There was a lively discussion surrounding the actual budget deficit for 2010 and the predicted budget deficit for 2011. While everyone was in agreement that our current situation of operating at a significant deficit is not sustainable, there were opposing opinions on how to best address the problem. While the discussion was difficult, the open sharing of ideas and concerns is beneficial to the Consistory as we move forward into 2011. On a related note, two volunteers were recognized for their contributions: Stef Beemsterboer for his work as treasurer and Walter Johnson for helping with the church finances and the monthly newsletter.

While the congregation was gathered, Pastor Susan took the opportunity to provide an update on the progress of the Community Development Corporation. It was reported that the architects are in the process of being chosen. Additionally, the congregation should anticipate a questionnaire to be distributed in the near future to collect opinions regarding the redesign of our worship space. John Coakley has arranged for a NBTS Board Member and reformed architectural expert, David Cooper, to discuss the reconfiguration of the space with Pastor Susan.

The difficulty of the budget discussion was offset by the joy of surprising the pastors by celebrating the 10 anniversary of their time at FRC. A wonderful luncheon that was provided by many hands, David Waanders gave a tribute to the pastors, the tribute was joined by many other voices, lastly several lovely gifts from the congregation were presented.

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