Coffee Hour Produces Fund-raising Ideas

In January, the Fund-raising Committee organized a special coffee hour. At that time, everyone was asked to give us ideas for fund-raising events and contacts. The ideas were all great; some were more realistic than others, but we promise to look at all of them and see how and when we can use them.

Some of them we actually have used already. An example is getting in touch with Rutgers people. After this coffee hour, the church was approached by a coordinator for Rutgers volunteers for a special volunteer work. Having the idea from the coffee hour in mind, we accepted this. Sadly enough, the event fell through because of the snow. But perhaps in the future we will have a chance again to work with Rutgers people.

We know that is not strictly a fund-raising to have young people to come and clean, but without contacts it is hard to start a relationship. Moreover, without a good relationship, you hardly can approach people for contributions.

Of course, if you came up with an idea after this coffee hour, you can always reach out to one of the members of the Fund-raising Committee and let them know: Janet Waanders is the Chair.

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