Clean Up Day and Volunteers

The last few years, the Women’s Guild has scheduled a spring cleaning sometime in March or April. This year was no exception, but there was one change.

Earlier on in the year, a group of volunteers was supposed to come and help us with various activities as part of the Rutgers Martin Luther King Volunteer Day. That event was snowed out, so it was arranged that the volunteers would help the Women with their spring cleaning. Also, one of our building user groups had agreed to send a group of young people to help us out.

The Women’s Guild had made a list for the eleven volunteers that were expected to show up around noon on Apr 17 . To our surprise, we had in total about sixteen young, h th ardworking people from these groups. It was a job in itself to come up with jobs for them and to supervise their activities. But so much got done!

All of us that were at worship the next day could appreciate the hard work one volunteer put into vacuuming all the pew cushions, top and bottom. That was quite a task. Others worked hard to wash down the knee boards and backrests of all the pews. Even the ones without cushions, and the upstairs pews were not forgotten! The carpet was vacuumed throughout the sanctuary. The choir folding chairs got cleaned. And did you notice that the breezeway windows looked so much brighter? Every single pane was cleaned by other hardworking volunteers.

In the Fellowship Hall, all the chairs and tables got a good and thorough cleaning. The woodwork below the windows got washed. The doors to the bathrooms got a coat of paint. The deacon’s bench in the vestibule got two coats of paint, so now it matched the ones in Fellowship Hall. The vestibule walls were washed, as were the windows of the entry door. In the kitchen we had two gentlemen give the top of the stove a cleaning.

All of this would not have been done if Joan, Julius and Norma had not been there and help me think up jobs fast enough keep all the volunteers busy.

Thank you Ahmad, Alyssa, Dwayne, Haja, Hawanatu, Jennifer, Jelitza, Magan, Marette, Matt, Nisha, Randy, Sheri, Tori, Victoria and Zaahir. Our church and education building looks cleaner, more inviting thanks to all your hard work!

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