Church School Held Parent-Teacher Meeting

Submitted by Sandy Boyles

After coffee hour on October 8th,  our Christian Education Committee held a parent-teacher meeting to discuss the life of our Sunday School.  After Rev. Hartmut opened with prayer, we gave a close look to the curriculum we are using:  “Walk With Me”.  Should you desire to know more than the information below provides, please check the following website: goals.asp  

Our discussion centered around the following questions:

How is our curriculum linked to the RCA?

It was developed by teachers and superintendents of Reformed and Presbyterian churches, and tested in 25 Reformed and Presbyterian churches before it came on the market. It is the curriculum the RCA promotes. Its theology is based on the doctrinal standards of the Reformed Church.

How is our curriculum founded in the Bible?
The focus of the lessons centers on stories from the Bible; however, the designers of the curriculum took special care not to presuppose too much knowledge of the Bible. That’s why the leader’s book is interspersed with tips on how to adapt sessions when Bible knowledge is lacking.

How do we promote diversity and inclusiveness?
The curriculum pictures children from different ethnic backgrounds. “Building Community” is one of seven values the editors of the curriculum have named on their website. We also focus on diversity and inclusiveness with our Visitor Sundays and the Kids Club.

Are there interfaith relations on the horizon?
Two of our committee members joined the interfaith program, “Open Doors, Open Minds” with Anshe Emeth. We hope that the learning there will bring back a heightened sense of sensibility in our way of teaching things. We try to teach in ways that are not arrogant or boastful over or against other faiths.

We also talked about the children’s music program. Pam Gray was introduced as our brand new Director of the Children’s Choir. She has some exiting ideas for the music program of our children. In the end, we left the meeting grateful for the richness of our activities and the dedication of everybody involved.

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