Candle and Bottle Collection

The Invitation and Outreach Committee is organizing another Graveyard Tour this fall. So pull out your calendars and write down on Oct 30th,
GRAVEYARD TOUR at FRC between 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Like two years ago, we will be lighting the pathways with candles in empty, sand-filled, gallon bottles. If you can save well-rinsed empty bottles for us that would be great! We will let you know when you can bring them in.

What is different this year is that Stef will be making the candles, rather than using tea lights that need to be replaced every hour. You can help with this as well!

If you have old candles that are discolored, bent, broken, or too small to burn safely anymore, please bring them in to the church. Candles in jars may be brought in as well, as he can get them emptied and use the wax as well. Stef will take all the candles home and melt them into small candles that we then will use in the bottles.

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