Benevolence of the Month – Room For All

Built on the response and momentum experienced at the first national gathering in 2009 when more than 140 people attended Making Room for All, the Board focused their efforts on creating our first staff position. That effort came to fruition in September, 2010, when Marilyn Paarlberg began her work as Executive Director. Highlights of our efforts since 2010 include an increased public and media presence, visits to congregations, classis and synod meetings throughout the RCA, launching a quarterly electronic newsletter, local training events, a biennial national conference, and the initiation of a growing roster of Room for All churches in the RCA.

Room for All is a non-profit growing out of the hopes and dreams, passion and faith, pain and agony of members of the Reformed Church in America. Though most of us have long believed that LGBTQ people should be fully included within the church’s life and ministry, events within the Reformed Church in America galvanized us to speak out.

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