Benevolence of the Month of June

Board of Benefits Services

We are here to serve those who serve the Reformed Church in America. As a Reformed Church in America denominational unit, we provide medical, retirement, disability, and assistance benefits for pastors, missionaries, and lay employees and their families. Our goal is to enhance the lives and foster the ministries of those who pastor our churches, serve in missions, and provide denominational services. We also seek to support the well-being of congregations and institutions of the Reformed Church in America.

A sixteen-member board governs the administration of our programs. The board members possess a variety of professional skills and a wide range of expertise. The board, along with denominational staff, contributes to the mission and vision of the RCA by committing to lifelong support of those we serve.

Our commitment to those who serve the church is grounded in the Covenant of Grace/Covenant of Care, which has been endorsed by the General Synod of the Reformed Church as a foundational document that embodies principles fundamental to our faith. It is our goal to strengthen each other in mission in the years to come.

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