Bells Ring in All Kinds of Weather


When I planned for the bells to perform during our Mar 14th service, I could not foresee how much of a challenge it would be. First of all, it was a challenging piece for most players as it was the first time that they had more than two bells to use during the piece. Some of them had to change more than once. The next challenge was that it appeared that not everybody who had practiced with the choir could be there on the date. But all the players realized that you cannot just drop out at the last moment and not have a replacement player for your position. So while that would mean that some positions where going to be played by people who had not played in a long time and another position would be filled by a new person, we still had all positions filled.

Then came Mother Nature! After giving us more snow than many of us can remember, at least in one winter and in such a short time, she decided that more water was needed, so down it came. And it was more than enough for most rivers and stream to overflow. And the Raritan River was no exception!

For the Bell Choir it meant that all of a sudden some players were stuck at home with flooded basements, power outages, and what else comes with flooding. Other players did make it to church but only just in time. The piece was played, not with all positions filled, but it was not that noticeable. Many thanks to my Bell Choir and substitute players for their perseverance! Everybody played very well! Unfortunately, not many people could hear us play this beautiful song, so we will keep it in our repertoire and play it again sometime later this year, hopefully in less challenging circumstances!

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