Bells Keep Ringing During the Summer

Can you believe it we are almost finishing our second year of playing! We have come such a long way with our progress. We can be proud of what we have accomplished in our short rehearsals. Yes, they are short, I know most bell choir rehearsal are at least one hour long and usually not on a Sunday before service, but with our schedules that would not be an option. So we did what we could and see how far we have come!

Next year, we will have at least one new face in the group as Lily is leaving for college. She will be missed as she been a long member of the bell choir, she even played before with Mei Li. If all goes according to our plans we hope to play once during the summer. On August 8th a special worship service is planned to honor Marie Washington for her devotion to her faith and the many ways she expressed it over the years in a variety of ways. Since we know that she enjoys bell music, we are working on a musical piece for that worship service. After that we will take a break and start rehearsing again in September.

If you would like to be a part of the bell choir let me know! I try to accommodate as many people as I can as long as the players are committed to come to rehearsals fairly often.

Have a great summer and enjoy all the sounds of it!

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