Bells in December

For the month of December, our Bell Ringers are going to do something new. This time we will play a piece for/with the choir. Now as most of you know, more than half of the ringers are also singers so that is a challenge in it self. For those ringers that are not in the choir, they have to get used to have someone singing next to them or behind. In addition, on top of it all, the piece contains some new techniques for the ringers. We are working hard to get it all sounding nice and together!

The bells will get used more than once, though, this month. We will use them at the Advent Breakfast where the ladies can ring along with the hymns we will sing.

During the Christmas Eve service, I will hand out bells to various people to ring along with the songs that are sung by the congregation. This will give us all, young, old, big and small, an opportunity to have a musical contribution to this wonderful service.

In January, we will give the bells a good cleaning and polishing, something they will surely need after all this use! If you can give a hand, let me know!

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