Bell Shining

So many of you came to me after the service on Dec 13th to tell how much you liked the combined performance of the choir and bell choir. It was a challenge for us, as some of the ringers are not used to have someone starting to sing behind them “all of a sudden”, while others had to work on getting the swing technique right. Some singers had never sung to bell music. Overall, it came together really nice.

Thank you Ben, for finding “Joy in the morning” for all of us!

The next time the bells were used was at Christmas Eve. I hope those of you who got to ring a bell enjoyed doing so.

Now it is time to get all the bells shining again. They are really in need of a good cleaning. So on Jan 9th at 9.30 a.m., we will gather in the Fellowship Hall for this job. It is important that we do this, as it is a major part of the upkeep of our bells. I will make sure that all the supplies are there, so just let me know that you will be helping me with this task.

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