Bell Choir and Music Room

We have had two performances not too far apart and the choir did really well. Both times I received numerous compliments about how well the choir sounded. I really enjoy hearing these compliments, but without all the great and hard work of the ringers, it would not have been possible. It is not always easy for the group to practice; most of the time someone is absent. And that makes a huge difference in how the piece sounds. Also, the layout and acoustics of our practice room are quite different from the sounds in the sanctuary. Therefore, it is a big accomplishment for the whole group that we did so well. We are starting a few new pieces so that we will keep enhancing the worship services with this beautiful music.

If you have not been in the music room lately, you are in for a surprise! The room is getting a lot of use; two organizations use the room during the week as their office. The choir director and bell choir director use the room to store their music and bells with all the accompanying equipment in the room.

And we do have a lot of music! I have been working for weeks to catalogue what we have. So far, I have worked through most of our single copy music, that is, music with just one song on it, and we have over 700 different pieces of them. I have a few more to go, and then I can start with the multi-copy music — all the different books we have with two or more songs. That requires a little more work as one wants to know more than just the title of the book. So it will be a while before I am finished, but meanwhile we have been using this catalogue already, which makes me happy as it is a lot of work. However, I see it as very useful work.

How can we ever use all (or at least some of) this music if we do not know what we have! The next step, after all the cataloguing, will be to decide which songs we will never use again. And there are definitely candidates for that, but it must be done with a group of people who know more of our church history and of music than I can do on my own. I will let you know when we can start on this part of the project.

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