Antiques Afternoon

On March 23, 2013, over 40 people gathered with their treasures to see if those treasures really were worth something after all. The event, sponsored as a fund raiser for the Town Clock Community Development Corporation (TCCDC), was successful on two levels, raising money and raising awareness for the
project. As people learned about their treasures, they also learned about the treasure of home and support being offered through Dina’s Dwellings, a sustainable, affordable, permanent housing project for victims of domestic violence.

The appraisals were conducted by Joe Bodnar and his friend Allen. Joe is the owner of Bodnar’s Auctions and holds monthly auctions throughout the county and state. At the halfway point of the afternoon, TCCDC board member, John Keller and executive director, Susan Kramer-Mills gave a brief overview of the project to the captive audience. An offer was made and a few people accepted, to view the project up close and personal by taking a tour of the sanctuary.

Some unique treasures included a doctor’s bag, a stained glassed window, a number of paintings and whimsical artwork, and some personally prized
treasures of childhood toys and books. Particularly exciting pieces included a musical box and a rare childhood book that made noises to reflect the
illustrations in the book by pulling special tabs. This item even brought a special interest to the appraiser who has seen many books in his time, but none as special and well-kept as this. This really is a treasure!

Over all the fund raiser was a success bringing in over $300 to the TCCDC. This is the second year the fund raiser was held at FRC and many thanks go to those who brought goodies to sell, helped with set-up, clean-up and most importantly to our treasure seekers. A good time was had by all.

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