Annual Advent Breakfast is in the STARS

I hope you are all looking forward to a good breakfast on December 5th at church. I am talking about our annual Women’s Guild Advent Breakfast, of course. Let us all come out and have a good time with our friends from other churches. Bring your friends as well; you know that babysitting is available. Pastor Susan also wrote another thought-provoking skit titled, Trouble Outside of the Tent – Another Perception of the Star of Bethlehem. Thank you to all who donated shampoo, conditioner, and other hygiene products for House of Manna.

We had a nice collection for them which we will give it to them together with our collection from the Advent breakfast. On January 17th, we plan to visit the art show at the Museum of the American Hungarian Foundation. Details will follow.

Even though December is traditionally a very busy month for most of us, we will meet for our prayer shawl meeting. If you want to make shawls but cannot come to the meeting, see Erie. There will be no Sunday meeting in for the Guild in December.

Church Women United will host their Christmas party on January 8th. It is a covered potluck luncheon with a $1 grab bag gift exchange. More details are to come about where it will be celebrated.

I am planning to go; let me know if you want to go as well.

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