An Interview with our “Big Lambs” – Daphne and Kathleen

What do you do in Sunday school?
In Big Lambs, we sit down, open up our little work booklets and begin the lesson. We read from the Bible, then discuss what we have read, and apply it to our daily lives.

What is used to teach you?
Right now we use little booklets called “Learn from the Bible to Live the Good News“, which offer us a key phrase, faith vocabulary, and other activities to do. In the past, we have used many different methods. We had Golden Parable Boxes that contained felt pieces in them which the teacher would use in order to tell parables. We also used wooden figurines to tell stories and to play with. Then we went to a method where every week there would be a snack and a craft for us to do at the end of the lesson. Eventually we went over to this system we have now.

What are your most memorable lessons?
D: My most memorable lesson is the one where Pastor Hartmut came upstairs with us and explained the sacrament of Communion. I remember that he took the special communion silverware upstairs and we had a small communion in the Sunday school room. Two other lessons that I remember were taught by Mrs. Betancourt. In one, she explained that God collected all of our tears and showed us this by showing a large plastic cup filled with water. In the other lesson, I remember making a pet rock to show that God loves us and is always with us, like our pet rock.

K: My most memorable lesson was when we went up to Warwick for a retreat and talked all about God and the Universe. It was just so special and we got to learn in a different place. I always had fun with the lessons outside and they were so special.

Who has taught you?
From the beginning to the present, the list is quite long. The first woman that we had as a Sunday School teacher was Janet Angeline, Mrs. Betancourt, Mrs. Bernhofer, Mr. Bernhofer, Mrs. Boyles, Mrs. Vande Bunte, and finally Mrs. Sena.

— Daphne and Kathleen will be confirmed on June 10th. Please plan to join the celebration!

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