Amazing Day of Service!

It was with great pride that 8 people volunteered to be Ambassadors at the Rutgers University Commencement on May 15, 2016, where President Barak Obama was the speaker. The volunteers represented First Reformed Church and the church was recognized on the Jumbo Tron inside the stadium. The recognition stated: “Thank you Commencement Ambassadors! And the Volunteers of the First Reformed Church of New Brunswick.” Those representing FRC were: Lauren Bernhofer, Uta and Allyson Burke, Danica Cotov , Jonathan J. Kunkel-Jure, Siobhan McLaughlin, Ken and Sherri Novack.

Sherri organized the group and was the liaison with the University Commencement office. This was the first time Rutgers singled out a group to recognize. Sherri had to ask Chris Retzko, the commencement volunteer organizer, if such recognition was available and Rutgers agreed. Knowing how often Rutgers students volunteer at FRC, she felt it only right that a group of volunteers would come from FRC as a “give back” of service.

The FRC volunteers were assigned to help people with special needs; another mission of the church. The greatest service was at the end of the commencement as everyone poured out through one gate of the stadium and the rush was particularly overwhelming for all.

The anticipation and excitement of Commencement Speaker, President Barak Obama , made for a most memorable day! Regardless of politics, President Obama gave an inspiring speech to the over 10 thousand students, and their guests. It truly was an Amazing Day of Service.

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