A Small Thank-You Note

It was such a surprise to the two of us, when we could not simply close the Congregational Meeting on Dec 12th. We should have grown suspicious when we saw the beautiful buffet for the luncheon — but, of course, none of our other coffee hours is exactly meager.

In short, we thank you, our dear congregation, from the bottom of our hearts for this moving celebration of our 10th anniversary here at First Reformed Church. Your signs of love and appreciation mean the world to us. We are especially grateful to Walter Johnson for filming some of the contributions so that we can enjoy them again and share with family.

It is also clear that the beauty of our congregational life is the result of God’s grace. Much could have stood in the way. And by the same token you could ask: what are the odds anyway, for four Reformed churches in New Brunswick, and several more right beyond the city borders? Yet, here we are, struggling perhaps, but all of us also serving, praying, and celebrating worship every Sunday. And among these churches, First Reformed in particular is preserving a historic identity without which New Brunswick would be so much poorer. No matter how you look at it; it is the grace of God that all of this is happening.

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