A Musical Note

The adult choir of First Reformed Church has had a very contemplative and peaceful beginning to Lent, as we continue to explore other genres of repertory, namely, the Italian Renaissance. With Vittoria’s Missa O Quam Gloriosum est Regnum, we filled the halls of the church with the weaving polyphony of a Latin chant, namely, Agnus Dei.

On Mar 14th, the adult choir is going on ‘retreat’ to the Van Wickle House to continue to grow as a ministry. Our special guest is soon-to-be Dr. Mark A. Boyle, the Choir Director at Emanuel Lutheran Church in New Brunswick. He will lead us in a three-hour rehearsal to help us prepare for Holy Week, Easter, and beyond.

As we continue to grow in Love, we are learning that the harmony of music is as mysteriously beautiful and difficult to execute as any of the challenges of all of the ministries of our church.

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