A Musical Note

December and January were both very exciting months for music at First Reformed Church . The Advent season was filled with a beautiful variety of music ranging from a rendition of a Bach chorale setting played by John Coakley and the choir, to a romantic illustration of the meaning of Christ’s coming by Gabriel Fauré Cantique de Jean Racine. The adult choir and the bell choir also joined forces for the first time.

Christmas Eve was a magical worship service with a mighty choral presence and the delicate soloing of Lillian Kramer-Mills. The Beemsterboer family played beautifully their violins during Silent Night, and Hartmut Kramer-Mills accompanied us expertly during our Hiram Square Christmas Caroling event before the service.

On Jan 3rd, the Adult Choir led the worship service at the Reformed Church Home. Pastor Samir welcomed us into his house of worship and many, many people were touched by our music, our preaching, and especially Pastor Hartmut’s leadership of the hymns on his horn.

We are glad to welcome two recent new members to the Adult Choir: Allison Weaver and Heather Epstein. May the whole world sing in exultation, always glorifying God’s name.

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