8th Annual Chili Cookoff!

By Lolly Schenck

Are you already fed up with the icy vicissitudes of winter? Do you yearn for hot climes and even hotter food? Do you make the best chili anyone has ever tasted? Then come and join us at our 8th annual chili cook off February 9 at 6 pm!

Cook and compete for fabulous prizes (Well, all right, prizes at least! ;)) and defray the cost of your admission, or just come prepared to nosh like a trencherman all night.

As well as chili, we will serve Ethel’s world famous corn bread, hot chocolate, mulled cider, iced tea & lemonade (too cool the burned throats from chili), salad, and, of course, our own stellar FRC potluck of dessert.

For entertainment (in addition to eating and yakking), we will be reprising the Lucky Stars, which we made at the Light of the World BASH. So, if you regretted missing the fun, then don’t miss it this time around. FURTHER, Mona’s youth from Young Life plan to bring us some laughs as well.

Please RSVP to let us know whether or not you will be competing with a gallon pot of chili!

chili cook off 2013

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