Christmas Decorations

Have you ever wondered why we hang the greens? Or why we use greens for Christmas decorations? Well, the color green stands for new life, for freshness, and new birth. Plants like pine trees, holly, and ivy are called evergreens because they never die. They always keep their green color. And we decorate our sanctuary with greens because God has promised that the church will never die. Advent is a time when we remember that death could not hold Jesus in his grave – and neither can it hold us either.

The Symbolism of Light
 Jesus is the light of the world. He brings hope to all those who are in darkness. Jesus’ name is Emmanuel, which means “God is with us.” Just like a candle gives of its wax to bring light to the darkness, so Jesus gave of himself to bring hope to us.

The Symbolism of the Holly
Did you know that early Christians wore holly as they entered the church? They believed that the burning bush through which God spoke to Moses was the holly – or holy – tree. Many believed that Jesus’ crown of thorns was also made from holly leaves. And that the berries that were white turned red and have stayed red ever since. Some even say that wherever Jesus walked on earth, holly sprang up in his footsteps.

The Symbolism of Ivy
Ivy stands for love because it clings to the walls and trees when it grows. That’s why Christians in the Middle Ages started to use it for Christmas decorations.

The Symbolism of Poinsettias
Poinsettias are used as Christmas decoration because their flowers are shaped like stars, which reminds us of the star that shone at the first Christmas. The flowers are red, which reminds us that the baby born in a manger became the Savior of the world. Jesus shed his blood on the cross so that our sins can be forgiven.  

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